Winter Nights

The cold winter nights are finally setting in. Its dark on the way to work and on the way home. I love nothing better than the drive home. Knowing that in just 30 mins time I will be in my lovely warm house with a nice open fire roaring away. For me there is nothing more satisfying than lying in front of the fire and watching the rain and snow outside. It seems to puts me in a perfect mood for the festive seasons. The thing that makes this even more luxurious for me is my huge Shaggy Rug to sit and relax on. If you're wondering why its called a shaggy rug its because its a carpet or rug with a very deep pile that gives it a shaggy appearance. Originally shaggy rugs were hand made on a weaving loom or shuttle loom but now they don't have to cost the earth as they can be machine made on Wilton weaving machines.

Why don't you take a look and have that perfect night in this winter like the ones you see in the movies.