Destress after that hectic week

After a long week in the office we all need a well deserved relax so why not swap that night on the town for a nice spa day to leave you feeling all refreshed for the week to come? Or if you fancy your night on the town aswell then take advantage of a spa break.

I love a good pamper session as do most women. Theres nothing more satisfying than having a nice relaxing haven to wash away your worries. First I enjoy a nice facial and head massage to start the destressing process followed by a nice chill in a jacuzzi having a nice chat with your nearest and dearest over a glass of champagne. The stress free enviroment allows more laughs and giggles than that mid week phone call where everything seems to be going wrong (we all know the time Im talking about)!!

I feel a day passes far to quick in a spa. Why not make an evening of it aswell? Wether it be a get together, birthday or hen party. Spend a day in a fabulous spa pampering and preparing for the nights antics, then head back to your hotel room to put on your gladrags and hit the town to destress even more with a nice glass of champagne, the best company and dance the night away. After the night out head back to the hotel for a good 8 hours sleep befor waking in the morning for breakfast and hitting the spa again to rest those weary dancing feet and relaxing befor heading home. After this you will be ready to for the week to come definatly stress free.